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Case Studies/Client Testimonials

Here at GetMeFinance Ltd, there’s no such thing as an unsatisfied customer, and we thought you may like to share in our good news stories with us. Read our customers’ stories below.

Name: Gerrard Copeman

Location: Lancashire
Status at time of approaching GMF: Discharged Bankrupt

Gerrard’s story… At the time of discovering GMF, I had been made bankrupt and had been in that position for nearly 5 year. I had tried to get a car through other companies (there are a lot out there) but I was refused finance at all of them - owing to my bankruptcy. I found GMF online and, as their application process appeared so straightforward and encouraging, I applied straight away. Given my previous declines, I was half expecting the same from GMF, but they got in touch with me less than 48 hours later to confirm that they had sourced me a finance package and could even find me a car if I wanted their help there, too! I couldn’t have been happier with what GMF did for me at a difficult point in my life, and I would always recommend them.


Name: Jannine Marshall

Location: London

Status at time of approaching GMF: Mortgage Arrears

Jannine’s story…
GMF were one of the first online companies I came across on the internet when I was searching for car finance options, and I’m so glad I spotted them, because I’d heard some worrying stories about other companies out there that aim to provide a similar service. The main thing I’d been warned about was that companies would take all your details, give you hope, then decline your application after weeks of keeping you waiting. Given my mortgage areas at the time, albeit under control with my bank, I was worried GMF would be one of those companies. Needless to say, I was shocked when they accepted my application – especially as the confirmation came the next day! Not only did GMF surprise me with this, but they also gave me an extra little something to smile about when they actually sourced a lovely little car for me, too!


Name: Clive Nelson

Location: Lancashire

Status at time of approaching GMF:CCJS

Clive’s story…
Owing to some recent debts I had unavoidably built up, I was in need of a car , i had checked my credit record and it mentioned i had CCJs on file.  Getting any kind of loan was proving a real pain for me, but I needed a car for work and family purposes, so getting car finance was at the top of my list of priorities. A colleague of mine at the time recommended GMF to me and I have honestly never looked back, owing to the fact that their process was so simple and their approach so professional. From initially applying for the finance through to driving my new car away from them having signed off all of the paperwork, my experience with GMF was excellent. I can see why they have become so popular in this competitive field.


Name: Kate Ekpe

Location: Devon

Status at time of approaching GMF: Looking for a good deal!

Kate’s story…
I live in Devon, and so was a little apprehensive about accepting what seemed like a fantastic deal from an online organisation whose main office was registered in the North of England. Every question ran through my head, such as, how would I deal with the situation from so far away
should things go wrong? I love a good deal though, and had already done some research into the company. Obviously, not all reviews are going to be 100% perfect, but what I read and what I’d heard through contacts who had used GMF in the past was all good enough for me. GMF went on to
ensure outstanding delivery of their service for me, and I was treated professionally throughout. The car I had selected was even delivered to my door, and you can’t put a price on extra touches like that. A great deal – thank you to all at GMF!


Name: Lauvaine Chapman

Location: Sheffield

Status at time of approaching GMF: Refused finance everywhere else

Lauvaine’s story…
Due to a couple of reasons I won’t go into on here, I had really struggled to get accepted or even treated fairly and professionally for a car finance deal at a selection of other companies. I had GMF’s details passed to me by a friend who, despite having not used them herself, had heard some good things. I decided to give them a try owing to their great service, and now it’s my turn to pass on the recommendation to others! The service was first class, and the team I dealt with really gave me the help I needed and requested, no matter what part of the process we were at. As I said, first class.


Name: Andy Yates

Location: Birmingham

Status at time of approaching GMF: Looking for competitive rates

Andy’s story…
I have been a loyal customer to GMF over the last 6 years through my business and my personal car purchases. They have supplied us with over 10 vehicles during a strong relationship with them, and have always provided us with competitive finance packages when other companies sought to take advantage (this is what happens if you don’t shop around!). I have recommended GMF to my friends, family and business associates in the past, and will continue to give them the best recommendation possible by ensuring I keep returning to do business with them myself.